WorkX Memberships

Coworking spaces are the complete solution for hardworking individuals like you! We have multiple packages and membership opportunities guaranteed to meet your needs and your budget. Browse through our one-of-a-kind membership options and find the one that’s perfect for you.

Managed Office Spaces Membership

Like most things in life, there’s a balance in there somewhere. You know that one of the myriad benefits of taking advantage of coworking spaces is the networking opportunities you will find in this environment, as well as the community atmosphere that inspires productive people like you all day long. But sometimes you need privacy -- sometimes it’s time to get down to work, and the kind of work you do necessities a room where you can close the door every once in a while.

If that’s the nature of your work, our Managed Office Spaces membership is perfect for you. You get the option for privacy when you need it, but you’re still connected to the amazing community in your coworking space in our stylish facility.


Dedicated Desks Membership

You love people. You love being connected people, love every chance you can get to network, to engage in meaningful conversation or, hey, maybe just chit chat for a minute between tasks. You have a unique blend of the entrepreneurial spirit mixed with the ability to inspire and engage the people around you. If this describes you, then our dedicated desk membership is perfect for you! You get to take full advantage of our amazing coworking facilities and the resources housed therein, with a desk dedicated to your needs and belongs to you!.

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Hot Desks Memberships

A more adventurous spirit might find his inspiration in change. Maybe you don’t like to sit in one place every day -- a change of scenery, even if subtle, can be exciting, just engaging enough to keep you coming back every day and staying productive in your time at your office. If you find adapting to new challenges and new situations to be an invigorating enterprise rather than a tedious task, then our hot desking membership may be just the ticket.

You don’t get stuck in one place -- you get to change your workspace according to what you’re after, and stay on your toes while still getting access to the myriad benefits of our awesome facilities. Plus our hot desking memberships are among our most affordable services!

Special Packages

Social or Young Entrepreneur
Come talk to us. if you are a Young Entrepreneur below the age of 22, or working on a ‘Social Cause’ and we do have some special packages for you folks.

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